Nancy Gianni captures the challenge of raising a child with Down syndrome while opening the world ’s eyes to their potential. She conveys the mission of rearing a special child in a positive way with meaningful, life-changing results. This book is not only a must-read for anyone with an interest in what it takes to be a better parent to all children but for anyone who ever dreamed of changing the world but was afraid to try!

—Vincent W. Foglia, Retired Founder, Sage Products

A big hug! Wrap your arms around this read. Join the journey–share in the promise- Meet Nancy Gianni, GiGi’s mom, the pile driving run on sentence behind the success of GiGi’s Playhouse!

—Richard Reilly, The Grandparent Connection

 I love your book. Still reading. It feels like I am sitting in a room with you and you are telling me about your life! I love that you wrote in “your style” You are keeping me up late!

The book is amazing and spot on. Thought about texting at 4am because I could not stop reading! Felt like a kid hiding the light under the covers so I would not wake anyone!

Spent my morning reading the whole book, could not put it down! It is a must-read for everyone. It shows everyone that life is what you make of it!

Nancy, I’m the proud owner of your amazing life story. I’m not a reader. But this was a book I couldn’t put down! Not quite done with it but it truly is inspiring to say the least.

I was captivated by her frankness and couldn't put down my copy of this, her first book.

#GenerationG is more than just a story of a mother's fierce love. This book will inspire everyone to follow their dream of more, to do the work to make the dream a reality! ANYONE can change the world!